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Rubber Sheet

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ORIENTAL’s wide range of DURO MAXX Sheets made out of Natural rubber and Synthetic rubber, are available in varying colours, thicknesses & widths. The DURO MAXX range can be supplied with our special bonding layer. When used in dynamic and impact applications, we recommend customers to use our products with the bonding layer since it provides a higher bond strength between the rubber and the steel surface due to its unique formulation.

The DURO MAXX® range of rubber sheets are designed to provide wear protection and are used in the following applications:

Chute & Hopper Lining: To protect metal from wear and suppress noise and vibration.

Pulley Lagging: To enhance traction between the drive pulley and the belts, and thereby reduce Maximum slippage in pulleys. With the use of high quality compounds and our design profiles, our rubber durability lagging provides superlative performance.

Scraper: To eliminate material build up on conveyor, our special COMBI Scraper rubber is excellent for wet cleaning of Belts at discharge end of the conveyor Skirt Rubber To prevent slippage of material along the length of the Conveyor and prevent damage to the conveyor belt due to scouring of covers.

Pipe Lining: For wet slurries conveying abrasive materials.

Deck Lining and Flooring: Used to line dumper truck beds to provide outstanding impact protection and thereby enhance dumper bed life. Flooring applications include for industrial, equine and agricultural use.

Over the years, Oriental has developed several wear rubber compounds which have proven to excel in the field. Our expertise in compounding and processing technology has resulted in customer specific solutions.

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