Energy Saving Belts

Energy Saving Belts

Product Feature

Energy saved is energy generated. Our R&D team understand that saving energy is the need of the hour and has developed one of its kind energy efficient belt. This belt is supplied with a low rolling resistance cover (LRR cover) on the pulley side. This reduces the motor power , of which almost 60% is used to overcome the rolling resistance of rollers otherwise, drastically.

Our focus to sustain the ecosystem has led Oriental to take a holistic approach and promote the use of new generation products. Mining is a power intensive activity and the rising cost of energy has a direct impact on the financial viability of every venture.

It is estimated that about 60% of the energy consumed in a conveying operation is attributed to the rolling resistance of the belt as it passes over the idlers. Therefore, our aim has been to reduce the energy consumed whilst conveying. This has been achieved by our technologists changing the viscos elastic behavior of rubber in the bottom cover and also by reducing the cover thickness. The effect – lower covers deformation and thus lowers elastic response directly resulting in reducing the rolling resistance of the belt.

The belt is supplied with a Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) cover on the pulley side. Our innovative approach has enabled us to take a lead in offering special cover grades with Powersave features to fit each application – Abrasion, Fire, Oil or Heat resistant. This variant is offered across our portfolio of carcass types – MAXX STEELFLEXTM, MAXX ROUND.


The regulatory authorities across the world have created a new awareness amongst mining companies to realize reduction in energy consumption and reduce the carbon emissions. We strongly recommend the adoption of MAXX POWERSAVER for specific conveyors and can be combined with MAXX ARMOURTM (aramid belts) and MAXX TRAK® (ceramic lagging) for maximizing the savings.
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