General Purpose Belts

Product Feature

Oriental has been the biggest, largest and the oldest manufacturer of the conveyor belts, especially when it comes to fabric belting. Our state of the art manufacturing units are capable of producing the best of its class fabric belting in nylon and polyester carcasses. Capable of manufacturing 2200mm wide without longitudinal joints (higher widths on request can be manufactured), Oriental prides itself on being the best of its class when it comes to fabric belting.

MAXX TUFFTTM belts are designed to suit a wide range of applications for bulk material handling. The cover rubber grades are specially designed with enhanced cut, gouge & wear properties. These belts are normally used for transporting crushed rock, limestone, coal, iron ore, sand, cement, wood chips, furnace slag, aggregate etc.

Since MAXX TUFFTM belts are used for general purpose applications that constitute the largest user segment, Oriental believes that due attention must be given to the special needs even in this area. We have been offering unique types of covers which excel in their respective application.

30% life has been engineered to protect the belt not only from wear and tear but as importantly the ageing improvement!! And flex properties, which actually determine the longevity of the belt. Our MAXX TUFFT* belt carcasses are distinguishable from the competition by their high adhesion, lower elongation and field performance.

Our high quality infrastructure and proprietary processes have given us a reputation as a high quality, consistent producer of belts with a silk smooth finish. We always recommend our customers to contact us with their specific queries so that our technical service representatives can assist with an optimal solution to improve belt performance and life.

Benefits of MAXX TUFFTM Belts

  • Designed tough to work tough
  • Made on world class manufacturing equipment
  • Exceptionally high adhesion levels provide an enduring bond between covers and plies
  • Compounds developed to perform in tough and rigorous applications providing high wear resistance to abrasive Materials.
  • Exceptional Cut and Gouge resistance to negotiate heavy impact of large size lumps and sharp material
  • Special cover compounds for conveying fines and high speed conveying
  • Selection of the finest quality raw materials – we do not use any regenerated process oils
  • Carcass quality and design maintains belt troughability and longitudinal flexibility
  • Easy to splice using standard materials

Product Application: Oriental’s MAXX TUFFTTM Conveyor belts are extensively used in mining and mining related industries, including steel, non-ferrous metal plants, cement plants, thermal power plants, quarrying and aggregate processing and several industrial and agricultural applications.

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