Fire Resistant Belts

Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

Product Feature

One of the main hazards to which a conveyor system is prone to is Fire. Since general purpose conveyor belts are combustible, in certain areas which are exposed to fire risk, we recommend the use of fire resistant belts. The effect of a fire entails a safety hazard for the personnel as well as Potential financial loss caused due to damage to the Installation and of course substantial production loss Which follows any such breakdown.

Mining and related industries are the prime drivers to the economy. It is therefore imperative as a part of the risk management for every installation, to assess, enable and assure the safety of the personnel and the installation. Studies have proven that in conveyors, the belt is an important component which requires due attention to address these risks.

The effect of a fire in an installation can be devastating in terms of losses. Conveyor belts are primarily composed of rubber and fabric, both components are known to be combustible and can contribute to the spread of fire. Thus, in case of a fire on an installation occurring due to the type of material, presence of flammable gases and a frictional or electrical event, the conveyor belt because it is moving, becomes a likely medium to propagate the fire.


In areas where no fire risk was perceived earlier, we are observing an increased level of awareness and regulatory compliance. Applications where the material was not even considered hazardous (e.g. ores of platinum, chrome etc.), fire resistant belts are now being specified. In dock facilities carrying multiple commodities, similar acceptance is seen. The benefits of using MAXX AGNIR belts are tangible. Oriental manufactures the MAXX AGNIR belts in conformity to various international and national standards. Additionally, in line with the Oriental ethos to offer leading edge products, we have been continually introducing higher performing belts to the users – FROR, FRORHR, FRSAR, and HFFR. The belts are offered with conventional EP/NN plied reinforcement as well as with MAXX ARMOURM, MAXX ROCK® and MAXX STEELFLEXTM

In our test facilities, we carry out extensive tests and R&D to remain in the forefront in this product segment.

Product application

MAXX AGNI® belts are commonly used in handling coal over ground in Coal mines, Thermal power plants and in Underground coal mines. Fire Resistant belts are similarly used for conveying any other materials prone to ignition during use.

Industries: Coal Mines | Thermal Power Plants | Ore Mines | Ports | Coal prep plants

Benefits of MAXX AGNIR

  • Reduces the risk of fire hazard and the potential loss of human life, material and installation
  • MAXX AGNI® belts are Anti-Static
  • Easy to splice

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