Aramid Belts

Aramid Kelvar belts

Product Feature

Oriental Rubber is once again the pioneer to develop a conveyor belting solution made from DuPontTM aramid reinforcement. Oriental is introducing Maxx ArmourTM range of conveyor belting solutions which can perform in very demanding applications. Its unique advantages of being corrosion resistant, fire retardant, chemical resistant, thermal stability, lower creep properties & exceptionally high strength to weight ratio differentiates it from other belting solutions.

A conveyor belt made from DuPontTM Kevlar® Fiber

The bulk materials handling industry has relied on traditional products like steel cord and multiply textile belts, which due to their intrinsic properties, are unnecessarily bulky. This inhibits savings on capex and results in higher power consumption.

Technology has evolved. Our new generation, high strength, lightweight MAXX ARMOURT” belts now prove that Might is actually… Light! Oriental has successfully introduced MAXX ARMOURTM conveyor belts made from DuPontTM Kevlar® reinforcement.

Kevlar® as is well known, is extensively used in bullet proof vests and ballistic armour and in more recent times has established it’s superiority in industrial applications such as tires, hoses, transmission belts and conveyor belts.

MAXX ARMOUR” range of conveyor belting solutions can perform in very demanding applications. The unique High strength advantages of being heat and corrosion resistant, low creep properties, exceptionally high strength to weight.


  • Up to 50% reduction in belt weight for same strength class & upto 40% reduction in belt thickness . Up to 15% energy saving in loaded condition & up to 30% saving in no load condition
  • Superior rip, tear and impact resistance
  • Similar growth & creep properties
  • No corrosion, less maintenance, better tracking
  • Potentially lower installation cost in case of new installations


  • Up to 30% reduction in belt weight with up to 40% reduction in thickness for same strength class
  • Up to 15% energy saving in loaded condition & upto 30% saving in no load condition
  • Lighter & thinner construction reduces number of splice. Exceptional thermal stability, better chemical stability and better durability.
  • Significantly lower elongation compared to EP/NN belts resulting in lesser take-up requirement.

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