High Incline Chevron Belts

MAXX ELEV® (ELEV® Steep Incline Belts)

Product Feature

Oriental Rubber Industries has truly become a ONE-STOP-SHOP for all the conveyor belting needs. The introduction of MAXX ELEV® corrugated sidewall belts is one of the biggest developments in the conveying of bulk material at steep inclinations. Our devotion to innovation is second to none. We make sure that our product is top rate which with the help of rigorous quality checks, continuous improvements and customer focus helps us remain one step ahead of the competition every time. Oriental strives hard to provide not just a world-class product but a meticulous and an integrated solution.

Why MAXX ELEV ® Steep Incline Belts?

  • Belts work especially well where the space is a constraint, since they are able to carry material even at 90° angle. Hence the space is effectively utilized.
  • Rollback of the material is eliminated and hence the concept of angle of repose becomes redundant.
  • No spillage of the material since the material is held between the sidewalls and the cleat.
  • Enough lateral stability to hold the cleats and material in place during climb and excellent longitudinal flexibility to hold the sidewall in place when the belt goes over the pulley.
  • Different feed and discharge directions are possible by rotating the vertical runs.

Material Handled

  • Pellets
  • Stone Aggregates
  • Limestone
  • Wood Chips
  • Scrap Handling


  • Cleats have been specifically designed to give optimum performance.
  • TC-type cleats offer best conveying capacities along with excellent self-cleaning properties.
  • They give the best shape retention even while conveying high-density materials.


  • The sidewall design ensures maximum flexing without fatigue, the profile has excellent vertical stability for load retention & return side support.
  • Sidewall can be pressed from both sides when mounting, which offers high bond strength and security.
  • Fabric insertion is of diagonal type which gives excellent tear resistance and also allows the side wall to flex more easily.

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