Rubber Pulley Lagging

Rubber Pulley Lagging

Product Feature

MAXX GRIP is designed to increase transmission power from the drive pulley to the belt. Slippage between a conveyor belt and a bare drive pulley causes low transmission of power due to following reasons:

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Acute wrap angle
  • Low pre-tension of the belt

MAXX GRIP offers the most cost efficient way to avoid these problems.

Advantages of MAXX GRIP®

Increases Friction Coefficient | Helps self-cleaning of belts | Maintains belt tension | Improves belt tracking | Enhances belt life by reducing wear | Reduces Noise levels
MAXX GRIP® pulley laggings are available in Grooved, Diamond, Square, Round, Rough top and other tailor made profiles. These can be supplied with or without special bonding layer. MAXX GRIP with bonding layer, facilitates Cold bonding with pulleys.

Advantages of Bonding Layer: Stronger bonding | Reduced down time

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