High Impact Resistance Belts

Impact Resistant

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A constant challenge faced in conveying run of mine ores or raw material is the shortened belt life. This is owing to the fact that the material being conveyed impacts the belt with a great force as it drops on to the belt typically from dump trucks or loading chutes. The constant pounding of the belt by material of high lump size exceeding even 500 mm, causes conventional belts to fail prematurely due to carcass fracture. Such applications necessitate the need for a high strength carcass which forms the core of the belt.

To cater to this demand Oriental offers the MAXX IMPACT ® belt which has the inherent CORE STRENGTH.

Oriental’s MAXX IMPACT belt is specially designed to withstand the abusive loading condition. A composite design approach covering the unique fabric carcass, cushion rubber inter-plies and the cover grade result in a product which is truly a “problem solver” in high impact areas.

The MAXX IMPACT ® belt retains significant strength after repeated impact loading and thereby enhances life of the belt.

Benefits of MAXX IMPACT ®: High Tear Resistance of belt up to 2.5 times higher than conventional EP / NN belt constructions.

High impact absorption capability allows abusive loading where conventional belts fail.

Product Application: Mines handling big boulders | Primary crushers | Conveyors with high fall height | Conveyors with inadequate load support

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