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OIL Resistant Conveyor Belts

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MAXX OLEO, is Oriental’s range of Oil Resistant conveyor belts using synthetic rubbers suitable for conveying a wide range of oil coated or oily substances in various industrial applications.
The covers of general purpose conveyor belts tend to swell when they come in contact with polar oils like petroleum based oils, greases, animal or vegetable fats etc. The swelling of the cover rubber leads to initial peel off of the covers and finally reverse troughing or ultimately halts the material handling system. MAXX OLEO belts counter this with various cover grades being offered by us to suit your requirements.
MAXX OLEO® Oil Resistant conveyor belts are manufactured using specially tailored rubber compounds and are suitable for conveying a wide range of materials which may either contain, or are coated with oil. Some applications demand a certain degree of oil resistance. However, general purpose belts while suitable for abrasion and wear, are not designed to withstand a higher level of oil resistance. As a result, the covers tend to swell when they come into contact with petroleum based oils, greases, animal or vegetable fats etc. The resultant swelling of the rubber leads to failure of the belt due to reverse toughing, cover delamination or joint separation. To address this challenge, we offer the largest range of Oil Resistant belts in the industry and can virtually customize the belt construction and cover type to suit your needs. With a MAXX OLEO belt, we help you to FIGHT THE SWELL!

MAXX OLEO® Benefits of MAXX OLEO®: is also available

  • Designed to convey oily materials, thereby resulting in higher belt life in Oil + Heat + Fire resistant grades
  • Also have a high degree of chemical resistance
  • Unique properties to prevent material build up
  • Availability of various grades to suit end use requirements
  • Eliminates the occurrence of reverse toughing of belts Product Application: Coated fertilizer products Refineries for handling pet coke | Scrap recycling and compost handling Soya and grain handling facilities | Hot asphalt / hot mix plants | Metal turnings Product Characteristics: Common Widths : 500 mm to 2600 mm (20″ to 102″) for EP/NN | 800 mm to 2400 mm (32″ to 94″) for ST Carcass Variety Available : EP/NN, MAXX ROCK®, MAXX ARMOURM, MAXX STEELFLEXTM Common Belt Rating : 200 to 3150 kN/m (110 to 1800 PIW) | ST500 to ST5400 kN/m (270 to 3000 PIW) No. of Plies.

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