Impact Bars

Impact Bar Conveyor Belt

Product Feature

Conveyor belts are often damaged due to uneven and inadequate support to the belt at loading points. Impact idlers are often not equipped or designed properly, resulting in the following problems:

  • Shortened belt life due to faster wear of cover
  • Carcass deterioration due to poor load support at impact points leading to belt failure
  • Heavy maintenance of impact idlers
  • Spillage of material

Reduce the impact damage in the loading zone, install the ultimate shock absorber – MAXX ORB®
MAXX ORB® bars are installed as a cradle in the loading area under the belt to form an antifriction slider bed covering the entire width of the belt. In traditional roller type assemblies, often the belt suffers impact damage due to material landing on unsupported spaces between the idlers.

Since the bed rests stationary and has no moving parts, the associated problems of routine maintenance, as in the case of impact idler rollers, are also eliminated.

The MAXX ORB® impact bar is a composite of the following three components:
Belt Contact Strip: Specially designed Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene based top layer offers low coefficient of Friction
Rubber Base: A premium energy absorbing layer
Fixture: A robust yet lightweight T-slot profile of aluminum alloy facilitates quick installation of Impact bar on the cradle
T-Bolt size M16/48 or M12/48


  • Enhances life of conveyor belt
  • Exceptional Wear and Impact resistance
  • Reduces spillage and provides better work environment
  • Faster and easy to install / replace with the help of bolt mounting system
  • Lowers maintenance cost due to stationary parts
    Product Characteristics: Width of Impact Bar: 100 mm Height of Impact Bar: 50 and 75 mm Length of Impact Bar: 1200mm & 1500mm standard; other lengths on request Color of PE Covers: Blue, Orange, Green & Red Standard Edge

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