Maxx Rock® Imperial

Product Feature

In every conveyor installation there are certain applications where the normal expected belt life significantly deteriorates due to continuous abuse resulting in premature failure caused by rip, tear and carcass fracture. These belts normally convey large sized lumps and are considered critical in most cases. In heavy duty mining applications, failures are catastrophic and impose heavy financial losses due to stoppage of production and downtime.
For such applications demanding the highest impact, rip and tear resistance, Oriental recommends the MAXX ROCK® belts to convey HEAVY METAL TO HARD ROCK
MAXX ROCK® belts are manufactured using a specially designed fabric having high tenacity, straight warp threads and dense weft yarn construction. These belts are offered in single or two ply constructions and in strength rating from 180 to 1800 PIW i.e. 315 to 3150 kN/m.
The unique construction of the belt and the special cushion and cover rubber ensure superior impact resistance, higher longitudinal flexibility of the belt, yet guaranteeing a very low elongation at working load compared to conventional EP/NN fabric belts.
In several applications, MAXX ROCK® belts are a preferred alternative to steel cord belts as they provide an inherent protection against rip and tear and at the same time offer excellent impact resistance and low elongation in service.

Benefits of MAXX ROCK®

  • Endures most rigorous applications with extreme impact resistance
  • Low elongation at working load results in trouble free operation
  • Highest Tear resistance-upto 5 times greater than conventional multi-ply belts
  • Lightweight compared to ST belts, thereby reducing installation and operating costs
  • Excellent Load support and troughability
  • Very good longitudinal flexibility – works on smaller pulleys
  • Excellent suitability to mechanical splicing
  • Energy saving due to lower weight

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