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To ensure that there is no environmental contamination, ORIENTAL has developed MAXX ROUND, a conveyor belt, which carries material in the form of a pipe. The material is completely enclosed over the entire length of the conveyor. This belt can take steep angles at both horizontal and/or vertical curves. It offers dust and spillage free transport of material and offers phenomenal savings by way of material savings and installation costs.

Belt Conveyors have been in use for over 100 years and have evolved overtime in order to overcome the challenges faced in conveying different material over varying and sometimes difficult terrains. More recently, the need for preserving the environment has become the main criteria for design and installation of conveyor systems. Pipe conveying systems have proven that using the right technology and by sourcing the right components, they are an extremely efficient and reliable form of conveying materials and present several advantages over conventional troughed conveyors.

Designers and users have observed the following advantages of a pipe belt



Runs in the shape of a pipe as an enclosed belt, thereby preventing spillage


  • Negotiates sharper curves and traverse difficult and restricted terrain
  • Eliminates transfer points
  • Saves space and structural costs
  • Can carry material on return conveyor
  • Prevents material pilferage With an experience in designing and manufacturing pipe belts for over fifteen years, ORIENTAL has been taking a proactive role in promoting the use of Pipe belts which are tailor-made to suit the installation requirement. ORIENTAL, designs pipe belts with wide range of reinforcement (textile and /or steel) to meet the customer demands. We also offer vast range of cover grades with different levels of Power save properties to bring uniqueness and versatility to the product.

At ORIENTAL we are proud of our heritage of supplying high quality conveyor belts to discerning customers across the globe.

In 1954 when we manufactured our first conveyor belt, to the introduction of the country’s first Nylon synthetic fabric reinforced belt in 1978, Oriental Rubber has been a pioneer in the design and development of critical applications.

Our proven success in establishing new generation products such as the MAXX ARMOURM and POWERSAVETM belts has now led to enhancing our range of the MAXX STEELFLEXTM belts using steel cord as the high tensile bearing member.

In order to complete our portfolio of belts and meet the demands of our valued customers, Oriental is now offering MAXX STEELFLEXTM belts with steel reinforcement upto 2400 mm wide.

With this addition, we are strengthening our partnership with you….MAKING BONDS AS STRONG AS STEEL!

QUALITY ASSURANCE ORIENTAL follows a documented quality management system for ensuring reliable and consistent quality. It is certified with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and has NABL accredited laboratory.

Raw materials are procured from selected vendors as per the agreed specification and undergo qualifying tests as per the quality assurance plan before being used.

The recipe of the rubber mix is formulated to achieve the best of physical properties to ensure a long life of the MAXX STEELFLEXTM conveyor belt. All the batches from the mixer undergo rheological analysis in the Monsanto rheometer.


RIP CHECK BREAKER On request by the customer, Oriental MAXX STEELFLEXTM is embedded with high strength textile weft fabric, to protect the belt from through cut. It hinders the penetration of foreign material into the conveyor belt and acts as a barrier against ripping.

The high elongation of the transverse reinforcement is advantageously used to maintain the flexibility of the belt and does not have any adverse effect on the pulley diameter.

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