Maxx Surya® Imperial

Maxx Surya® Imperial

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Several manufacturing processes involve heat generation or conveyance of hot material. While belt selection may be made on the basis of certain design criteria by the end users, it is often the case that due to process variables, the actual ambient conditions that belts are exposed to are much more than originally estimated.
Due to the severity of the operating environment and the intrinsic limitations in the material properties, belts tend to fail due to: Cover hardening | Ply delamination | Belt deformation | Joint failure Correct product selection is essential to ensure the continued uptime of a conveyor and thereby of the belt.
We have with our vast experience in Industrial applications put together a unique array of MAXX SURYA® belts for conveying your Hot Stuff
Oriental has given attention to offer superior heat resistant belts where the rubber compounds and the carcass reinforcements have been combined to address virtually every abusive application involving conveying of hot material.

MAXX SURYA® Cover Grade Selection Chart

While conventional rubber covers had limited heat resistance, with the continuous evolution and development at Oriental, we have reached a stage where the rubber covers are capable of withstanding elevated temperatures of +200° C and resist cracking and hardening for a much longer period in operation.
This necessitated a relook at the thermal integrity of various reinforcement materials so that further improvements in this field would be undertaken.
Carcass Types: It is a fact that most failures in high heat applications commence with rubber covers ageing prematurely and this is followed by fabric plies giving way. This is due to limitations in the thermal properties of conventional polyester and nylon fabrics which tend to soften and melt when the core of the belt reaches temperatures exceeding 150°C. At these temperatures there is a sharp drop in the strength of the belt and blow holes and joint failures are witnessed.

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